As a contract manager and maintainer for responsible and service management, we provide management and maintenance services, both business and residential, industrial, technical, sales and common parts to the highest standards, all based on the application of knowledge and practical skills.

Basic management goals:

  1. achieving complete satisfaction of service users
  2. preserving and raising the value of real estate
  3. increase the quality of life
  4. smooth implementation of business processes
  5. continuous improvement of service quality
  6. be recognized as the most professional, most reliable and highest quality company in the segment of real estate management and maintenance

We are one of the few companies that can cover over 80% of the needs for regular, extraordinary and investment maintenance of facilities, and in cooperation with our partners we provide regular servicing of all plants and other necessary maintenance work.

Our company "Graditelj svratišta" d.o.o. takes care of the quality implementation of each part of the process through the responsible work of their own employees.

Maintenance work is carried out by:

  • maintenance manager
  • central office
  • 4 operational parts (regions)

In order to provide better and more efficient provision of services, we have organizationally divided the territory of Croatia into 4 operational parts, while within the regions the areas are divided into geographical areas.

We have shaped our knowledge and experience into a facility maintenance service with the aim of rationalizing costs and increasing their value through the following activities:

  1. Regular (ongoing) maintenance of facilities
  2. On-demand maintenance (emergency maintenance)
  3. Investment maintenance of buildings (heating systems, electrical installations, air conditioners / systems, etc.)

All requests for regular (ongoing) maintenance and on-demand maintenance (emergency maintenance), in order to prevent major damage, you can send directly to the Help Desk of Graditelj svratišta d.o.o., to the following telephone numbers:

Telephone: 01/4585 444, 01/4585 445
Fax : 01/4585 420
help desk 0 – 24

In order to ensure the quality of our services in the field of construction and maintenance of residential, commercial and public buildings, construction and construction of industrial plants, construction and reconstruction of roads, construction of water supply and sewerage, construction works, maintenance of watercourses, construction, maintenance and reconstruction of telecommunications networks , deratization, disinfection and disinsection services, winter service, hygienic cleaning services, horticultural and other landscaping works, we have introduced and implemented the following international standards in our business system:

  • Quality management system, standard ISO 9001
  • Environmental protection management system, standard ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System, standard ISO 45001
  • Business security certificate